Ypsilantis Dimitrios

Ypsilantes Demetrios

YpsilantesDemetrios Ypsilantes

Dimitrios Ypsilantis, the selfless Greek warrior and politician, was born in 1793 in Constantinople. He studied at military academies in France and served in the Czar's Royal Guard in Petroupolis. Following a decision by the Society of Friends (Philiki Eteria), he went to the Peloponnese as his brother Alexander's deputy, smuggling weapons and provisions.

He took part in Tripolis' siege, also in military operations in Nafplion, Argos, Korinthos, Dervenakia. The last victorious battle of the Revolution was waged by Dimitrios Ypsilantis at Petra, 1829. When Kapodistrias came to Greece, Ypsilantis was made Field Marshall (the first in modern Greece) and put in charge of organizing the regular national army. Dimitrios Ypsilantis was one of the most important figures of 1821: he sacrificed his personal fortune and future in order to help free his nation, fought for the restoration of Greek culture and cleared Greek territory of the Turkish Guard. His health was unstable and died in Nafplion on August 1832.